We at Bendigo Truck Centre realise that, although we constantly strive to provide our customers with the best possible sales and service experience, there is always an opportunity to improve the methods we use and we acknowledge our accountability for any shortcomings in the processes that effect our customers’ satisfaction.

With this philosophy in mind we welcome any input you, the customer, may have which could assist us with our goal of continuous improvement and enhance the overall satisfaction you gain from dealing with us.

We would like to assure you that any correspondence you volunteer will, unless specifically agreed otherwise, be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect and will not incur any retribution from the company nor its members.

Our complaints policy applies to all products and services supplied by the company and its members on behalf of the company. It is designed to maximise not only customer satisfaction but also the wellbeing, comfort and safety of any person who may be effected by our actions or omissions.

All feedback will be reviewed regularly as a matter of importance with priority assigned to those issues which are deemed to be most relevant. We encourage you to contact us to check the progress of your claim but the policy contains direction to communicate with the claimant any progress as it occurs.

 Please feel free to use any of the following avenues to discuss with us any positive or negative experiences you may have had in order to allow us to serve you better in the future.


By email:

By telephone:




(03) 5440 9111




(03) 5440 9121

Truck Sales



(03) 5440 9111

Parts Sales



(03) 5440 9131

Our website at www.btc-bendigo.com.au provides a feedback page: http://www.btc-bendigo.com.au/ContactUs/Feedback and also contains a copy of our official complaints policy.

All feedback may be submitted by mail to:


Bendigo Truck Centre

PO Box 301,

Golden Square

VIC, 3555

Or visit in person at:

Bendigo Truck Centre,

12-16 Sullivan St.

Golden Square,



Be assured that we treat all feedback with a great deal of importance as it is our best indicator that we are performing to the highest level of our capabilities.

 Should a complaint fail to be resolved by mutual agreement between a customer or aggrieved party and the company, that complaint should be referred to a third party such as the Department of Consumer Affairs- Victoria